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Breezy Mountain
Fly fishing shared by Travis Fabrizi
© Travis Fabrizi 2014

Welcome Anglers!

Breezy Mountain Fly Fishing is a

destination for anybody that has the desire

to fish or learn to tie flies.

Some of the world’s best salmon and steelhead fishing is located in Upstate New York, where I make my home.  The Finger Lakes fishing opportunities are immense. At right is me, Travis, tying the Magic Della. Use my contact page to inquire about classes or instruction on any aspect of fishing. Visit my blog to discuss anything that interests you....or to vent! Parents: kids under the age of 12 get free tying lessons. Inquire.
Here is a list of items currently for sale on the eBay web site. Kenneth M. of Virginia writes this about his purchase: Excellent quality and workmanship on an innovative design! Highly recommended!
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